Thursday, March 5, 2015

March update and Nightbreak

The bad news is that this post is overdue.

The good news is that I wrote music for at least 30 minutes a day EVERY day in February. I would post my exact stats, but I write this post as I am traveling and left my log behind. At any rate, I am pleased with meeting my goal for February. In the month, I finished writing a new choral piece. So far, I don't have any plans for a performance (yet!), but it feels good to have a second piece completed for 2015. Wouldn't it be great to complete one piece each month? Then, I'd have TWELVE new pieces by the end of the year. I'll make this my "stretch" goal for 2015.

So now I have begun sketching ideas for a wind ensemble. I am thinking it would be fun to write a short suite for wind ensemble. We'll see where my new ideas take me. . . .

And more good news: Just last week I received a package in the mail from Benjamin Locke, the conductor of the Kenyon College Chamber Singers (who are currently on tour--check their schedule here), with their latest CD, which contains a high-quality recording of a piece I composed called Nightbreak. It is a setting of poetry by Adrienne Rich. I'm really grateful for the recording. I share it with you here:


  1. Hey, beautiful piece. Sorry it took me so long to respond, but I've been quite the busy one. Had a tea party with the granddaughters this weekend... which eventually I'll blog all about it! Good job with creating music every day. It's okay not to give stats, you know you're doing it! YAY!

    1. Thanks, Aunt Lynn. No need to apologize! I appreciate your support.